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Craig is a cybersecurity engineer and ethical hacker. He has a Master's in Management (Information Technology) and a Master's in Information Systems Security from Charles Sturt University. He was awarded the AISA (Australian Information Security Associated) Cyber security professional of the year in 2020. Craig joined the AISA Queensland committee in 2020 before being elected the AISA QLD branch Chair in June 2021 where he remained until January 2023, before being appointed to the AISA board of directors in January 2023.

Craig is a regular columnist for "Women in Security" Magazine and has contributed to the project since its inception in early 2021. He is also a regular contributor to the Top Cyber News, Cyber Today, Cyber Australia and the Careers with STEM magazines.

Craig has two previous books A Hacker, I Am and A Hacker, I Am - Vol 2 which were self-published. These are cybersecurity awareness books that try and help educate everyone on how to be safer in this connected world.

Craig also has the first book in this series Foresight which has been published through Shawline and an upcoming children's cyber awareness book that he co-authored with Caity Randall called The Shadow World.
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