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Caity Randall is a passionate individual who has strong philanthropic interests and believes with the one life we have been gifted; we should be using it to leave lasting positive impacts on the world. The 2022 finalist of “The One to Watch in IT Security” award, Caity is a strong voice within the IT industry and strives to be the written voice to empower kids to avoid the shadowy corners of the online world - or if they end up in them, to have the confidence to know they are not alone and how to reach out for help.

Craig is a cybersecurity engineer and ethical hacker. He has a Master’s in Management (Information Technology) and a Master’s in Information Systems Security from Charles Sturt University. He was awarded the AISA (Australian Information Security Association) Cyber security professional of the year 2020 and was elected AISA Queensland branch Chair in 2021. Craig has three previous books, two in the A Hacker I Am series “A Hacker, I Am” and “A Hacker, I Am – Vol 2” which were self-published, these are cybersecurity awareness books that try and help educate everyone on how to be safer in this connected world. As well as FORESIGHT and the upcoming SHADOW, both Cyberpunk, cyber espionage books published by Shawline Publishing.
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