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Eugenia was born in Harbin - China. Growing up in a Russian household with pre-revolutionary morals and philosophies, her upbringing was steeped in Russian Orthodoxy and imbued in Russian history and ancestry. Eugenia is the granddaughter of Colonel Ivan Savin, who fought in the White Army against the Bolsheviks, and is why Eugenia wrote this book.

Eugenia's family was compelled to leave Harbin when she was five. They journeyed to Brasil, where Eugenia grew up and received her education, aspiring to become a doctor. With political instability, the family, afraid the country was declining into Communism, began to look for a stable government. At fourteen, Eugenia was whisked away to a faraway land - Australia. Her teenage years in an unfamiliar country proved daunting, and Eugenia realised that she had to turn her back on her dreams, her beloved Brasil and everything dear to her, to concentrate on adapting to her new surroundings.
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