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Judith’s main passion through her life has been painting, exhibiting in Victoria through the 1970s, then through to the 2000s in Queensland. The solo exhibition “Wisdom in a Wicker Basket” based around the strengths of woman came with the idea to accompany each painting with a meaningful poem, thus inspiring her interest in writing. An idea for a story emerged but the many scribbles, words and sentences that were written over the years stayed hidden. Now, living in Ballarat, confidence came when Judith joined her U3A writing group. Listening and learning from other writers and the encouragement that came from likeminded people allowed the story to be finished. The development of Ravens Hollow was a journey to live with the characters and walk in their footsteps. Judith's hope is that they will come alive and speak to others. Judith has dedicated her first novel to her father who was an avid reader and writer that never achieved publication.
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