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M. K. Jacobs grew up in the suburbs of Adelaide in South Australia. Considered an accomplished classical pianist, genealogist, explorer and fanatic cat lover, M K currently lives in country Victoria, sharing the property with two alpacas and a family of cats, including 'those' two talkative Bengals. A former Flight Attendant who has walked across Provence, flown into LAX too many times to count, and spends holidays in Northern France looking over people's fences to admire their gardens, together with teaching classes on Strolling around Paris and Exploring family history. In the last ten years, MK's first series of novels centred on historical military fiction, taken from family history. Her writing has expanded to include Historical Romance stories focusing on her mother's World War II experiences and The Claire Lane Mystery Series, a 1920's 'not too serious crime series.' M.K. is currently studying for an MSC in Paleography, Heraldry and Genealogy at Glasgow University and a Certificate in Advocacy. This year she completed the PLCGS (Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies)- National Institute for Genealogical Studies.
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