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Portal To Liberty

Portal To Liberty

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PUBLISHER Shawline Publishing Group
AUTHOR A. J. Elksnis
GENRE Adventure , Fiction , Sci-Fi
ISBN 9781922751188

The leader of the freedom fighters, Luke Palmer, has disappeared after a failed attempt to find his sister, Emma, who has been taken by slavers and sold to the Corporation. He is on a quest to save her and leaves Rachel Navara, a soldier in charge. She and her brother, Rowan, were sent from Earth to Silica to aid Luke and those resisting the corporation known as Sabre Company.

Lana is Professor Peter O’Conner’s “augmented human” creation (genetically engineered test tube baby). While she was being grown, Lana learned everything she needed through O’Conner’s special neural connection program. Now Professor O’Conner wants Lana to investigate alternate realities.

Luke and Rachel learn the truth of Sabre Company’s ultimate plan: to destroy all of the new colonies that were established during the time when the people of Earth reduced their planetary population by migrating to other habitable systems.

The freedom fighters set out to stop this from happening and to save millions of innocent people before it is too late and the universe is devastated…

Author - A. J. Elksnis

A.J.’s passion for writing began in primary school. He has always felt the need to feed his creativity, and his Enter Portal series, beginning with Portal to Liberty, is a culmination of many years of ideas and research. He has drawn on his experiences with people during his visits to Asia and Am...
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Publisher - Shawline Publishing Group

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