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The Adventures of Little Andy

The Adventures of Little Andy

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PUBLISHER Shawline Publishing Group
GENRE Memoir , Non-Fiction
ISBN 9781922993182

There are many self-made millionaires in the world, who’ve become rich by their own efforts. But are there self-made horrendous people? Sure, there are – and Little Andy’s one of them! He’s successful and rich… not in the money sense, but in being unwittingly offensive.

The Adventures of Little Andy is a wild collection of life episodes that are in equal parts hilariously honest and painfully embarrassing. They range from a disastrous family reunion to an evening with the New York underworld, a near-death experience in Tokyo to an interview with global star Ellen DeGeneres that went horribly wrong.

He might be politically incorrect, highly inappropriate and have a potty mouth… but perhaps we all need a little bit of Little Andy in our lives.

You be the judge.

Author - Andy Kay

Andy Kay has shared his messed up life moments over many years, from dinner parties, on-air to casually sitting on people’s desks at work. Each time the reactions were varied from person to person, but one thing he noticed consistently was that they made people laugh out loud.

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Publisher - Shawline Publishing Group

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