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The Man Who Settled The Score

The Man Who Settled The Score

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PUBLISHER Shawline Publishing Group
AUTHOR Andrew Hood
GENRE Crime Mystery , Fiction
ISBN 9781922701015

He had no system for it.

And, although a dark part of him took pleasure in hurting people, bad people, he had no passion for this purpose.

That was until Susan Mitchell, one he cared most about, gave him her list of nine names…

John knew he must eliminate the men that hurt so many innocent children at the orphanage he and Susan grew up in and make sure that they can’t hurt anyone else ever again.

It is time for John to confess to what he has done and what he is about to do. For a man so used to hurting people, and himself, it should have been easy, but it wasn’t.

This is a notable standalone sequel to Andrew Hood's exceptional first novel, the Miles Franklin Award nominated “The Man Who Corrupted Heaven”, and we anticipate your enjoyment of this exciting latest novel by one of Australia's rising new author's.

Author - Andrew Hood

Andrew Hood was born in Victoria Australia in 1973 and is an author, blogger, salesman and family man.

His personal blog, 'The Weekly Tipping Point', was awarded No.39 in the "Top 101 Best & Most Inspiring Blogs" and he has been a guest blogger on 'The Guided Mind' and 'Change Your Tho...
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Publisher - Shawline Publishing Group

We've created everything you need in one place for lower cost than anything you will pay anywh...
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